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Store Mate is a business management suite to take control of everything in a business. From Accounting, Billing, Inventory management to Commissions, Salaries & E-commerce, everything at one place. It is available in different editions, take a look:


Store Mate database is 256 bit encrypted & only can be accessed through the User Name and Password. No one can neither access nor read any of your data without your permission.

Dash Board

An all in one information area where you will get the whole business information at a glance.

Desktop Application
Mobile Application
Inventory Maagement
Customer & Supplier Management
Sales & Purchase Management
Delivery Management
Reports (150+)
Events Management
Bar Code Generation
Expense Management
Brands & Warranties
Invoice Management
SMS Notification
Custom Units & Taxes
Quotation Management
Customize Invoice
User Role Setup
Website Integration₹ 15,000 + ₹2,000 Yearly₹ 10,000 + ₹1,500 Yearly₹ 8,000 + ₹1,500 Yearly
Employee Management₹200/Year
SMS Integration35p/sms30p/sms28p/sms26p/sms
Manufacturing₹ 1000/Year₹ 1000/Year
Price₹ 500/Year₹ 2,500/Year₹ 3,500/Year₹ 12,000/Year

Please choose any plan to Buy:

₹ 500 / Year

₹ 2,500 / Year

₹ 3,000 / Year

₹ 12,000 / Year

After Purchasing any plan, you can use Store Mate right from there. If you want to use Store Mate on PC or Android, then you can also download the applications.

WhatsApp & Messenger Integration

Share your invoice directly through Whats App or Messenger. It’s easier when the both applications are inbuilt with Store Mate.

Inventory Management

Manage Your Inventories at a glance even if you have multiple shops or multiple outlets with the one click products distribution & Report Generation.

Accounts Management

Manage Multiple accounts, Generate Balance Sheet, Profit Loss Report and many more with just a click.

Customer Management

Manage your customer Relationships like never before with the fully automated and flexible Customer Management Section

Sales & Purchase Management

With the Sales & Purchase Management section you can be able to track your sales and purchase reports along with the POS section.

Delivery Management

Track your shipments, or charge extra or generate detailed reports of deliveries with just a click.


More than 150 report with just a click away from you along with Stock, Profit/Loss, TAX, etc.

Human Resource Management

Track your employee’s salary, attendance and much more right from Store Mate.

Events Management

Manage your events on calendar, set reminders, timers and much more with the Event management system of Store Mate

Internal Messaging

Send Messages to you own different locations within Store Mate.

Bar Code Generation

With the Automated Bar Code Generation, you can make your work faster and error-free!

SMS Notification

Automatic SMS notification to customers on each sale, payment & reminders, etc.

Multi Outlet Management

You can also manage multiple outlets with in the same Store Mate. It will help you analyse your stores in a better way within one place.

Expense Management

Manage Your expenses Categorically & Track them time to time.


Expiry & Low Stock alert makes it easier to manage and sell your products without any hassle – Do you know? This saves almost 30% of your unnecessary expenses.

Brands & Warranties

Manage Brands & Product Warranties with the new Store Mate!

Table Management

Manage tables & service staff on Restaurants with the ease of a click.


Create customized Invoices on Store Mate with Logo & formats.